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Acacia Tree Bark (Chaal Kikar)


Scientific Name: Acacia Karoo

چھال کیکر

  • Controls Bleeding And Infection
  • Treatment Of Eczema
  • Helps To Relieve Symptoms Of Tonsillitis
  • Helpful In The Lowering Of High Blood Pressure
  • Useful For Treating Leucorrhea


Acacia, Babul, Arabica/Chaal Kikar (چھال کیکر) is a shrub-like tree that has sharp thorns and can grow up to 15 feet tall. Its scientific name is Acacia Karoo. They can flourish in dry and arid regions. The bark and leaves of tree contain tannin and galic acid, which gives it a bitter taste.

Some of the health benefits and uses of Acacia Tree Bark are

  1. Acacia Tree Bark is effective in the treatment of eczema.
  2. It can control bleeding and infection; thus, they can be used on wounds, cuts, and injuries.
  3. It helps to relieve symptoms of tonsillitis.
  4. Acacia bark is great for oral and dental hygiene. It also works well for treating gum-related problems.
  5. It is useful for treating leucorrhea.
  6. The bark of acacia tree is often used to sooth the digestive system, mitigate skin rashes, and reduce inflammations. On oral use, ailments of the respiratory and digestive tracts and urinary disorders are relieved.
  7. Acacia is helpful in the lowering of high blood pressure in individuals.

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