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Cassia Seeds (Tukhm-e-Panwar)


Scientific Name: Cassia Tora Linn

تخم پنواڑ



Cassia seed/Tukhm-e-Panwar (تخم پنواڑ), also called Cassia Tora Linn in the Latin or pharmaceutical name and Jue Ming Zi in Chinese name, is known as a Chinese herb. It is also known as Sickle Senna, Wild Senna and Tora.

that is good at soothing the eyes and helping weight loss. For this reason, it is one of the most popular choices among office workers since very often they are sedentary and require staring at computer screen all the time. This herb has an obvious effect on the prevention and treatment of various eye diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and constipation.

Cassia seed benefits:

  1. It is an essential herb for treating a variety eye infections, such as hot eyes, swelling and pain eyes, blurred vision, photophobia, excessive tearing.
  2. Cassia seed pillow can tremendously improve sleep quality by removing heat and soothing the nerves.
  3. It can be used as a laxative to relax bowel and treat constipation.
  4. It helps in losing weight.
  5. Controls high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  6. Treats common cold, influenza, acute conjunctivitis, damp-heat jaundice, acute and chronic nephritis, morbid leucorrhea, scrofula, carbuncle and boils, and mastitis.

Cassia seed side effects and contraindications:

Cassia seed is of slightly cold in nature, which makes it inadvisable to the patients who are more likely to suffer from diarrhea and stomach pain. And use it with care in people who have diarrhea and hypotension.

In addition, because of its purging nature, women during pregnancy should stay away from it. The latest study found that long-term consumption of this herb might lead to irregular menstruation, or even abnormal endometrium that could induce premature labor.

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