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Cuttlefish Bone (Samandar Jhag)


Scientific Name: Endoconcha Sepiae

سمندر جھاگ



As far as Cuttlefish Bone/Samandar Jhag (سمندر جھاگ) also known as Cuttlebone, is concerned, it plays a variety of different roles in the eyes of people from different backgrounds. From the perspective of a TCM practitioner, it is better known as Endoconcha Sepiae, an effective Chinese herb that is commonly used in the treatments of gastritis and nocturnal emission. Cuttlebones are still a strange thing to most people in everyday life. That is to say, few people are aware of its impressive medicinal uses.

Health Benefits:

  1. Cuttlebone is extensively been used to relieve from gastric catarrh. It is also a favourite remedy for the patients suffering from spermatorrhea.
  2. It is used to stop bleeding.
  3. It is an effective cure for ulcers.
  4. It curbs peptic ulcer from your digestive tract and also provides protection to it.
  5. It is a good herbal remedy to stop internal and external bleeding.
  6. It stops bleeding in the digestive tract and keeps body stools at bay.
  7. It provides relief from asthma and alleviates the associated symptoms.
  8. Cuttlefish bone lessens the abnormal growth of tissues to avoid the risk of tumors.
  9. It provides strength to the broken bones.
  10. It is beneficial for curbing stomach ache and pain.
  11. It stops abnormal bleeding from the uterus to prevent metrorrhagia.
  12. It is effective to heal wounds.
  13. It is also a curable remedy for nose bleed.
  14. Cuttlebone is used to regulate the female reproductive system. It maintains the flow white discharge from the vagina to stop causing leucorrhea.
  15. It decreases the noisy belching from the mouth.
  16. It suppresses the inflammation of the outer layer to avoid eczema disease.
  17. The topical application of cuttlebone can reduce the skin rashes and skin lesions.
  18. It protects your intestine from intestinal disease.

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