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Dodder (Aftimoon)


Scientific Name: Cuscuta Reflexa




Dodder / Aftimoon (افتیمون) is a leafless, delicate, yellow colored stem parasite seen entangled on shrubs and hedges along the roads and railway tracks.

It is also known as Devil’s Guts, Dodder, Hellweed, Love Vine, devil’s gut, beggar weed, strangle tare, scald weed, dodder of thyme, greater dodder, lesser dodder and Cuscuta Reflexa.

Health Benefits:

  1. Dodder extract produces excellent male enhancement results. Dodder Seed works well for premature ejaculation and also increases sperm count, and increases sperm motility.
  2. The seed extract can also be used to treat kidney infections and to improve the health of the urinary tract.
  3. Dodder can help prevent skin cancer and skin aging.
  4. Dodder can protect the liver damage from agents like acetaminophen.
  5. It also helps with lower back pain, eye floaters, and ringing of the ears.
  6. Dodder Seed is a good immune enhancing and anti-fatigue agent.
  7. It can help in treating bladder and spleen problems.

Side Effects

Dodder seed extract is natural and generally safe. The herb, however, is very powerful and each individual should take the correct dosage. No side effects have been reported, if the extract is taken as recommended by physician.

Dodder might cause stomach pain in some people. It is recommended to avoid its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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