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Fagonia (Dhamasa)


Scientific Name: Fagonia Arabica, Fagonia Cretica


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Fagonia / Dhamasa (دھماسہ) scientifically known as Fagonia Arabica and Fagonia Cretica, is a plant found in deserted areas.


Fagonia is a single herbal medicine having miraculous curing effects on general health issues including serious illnesses like cancers, hepatitis, heart disorders, etc., without any serious side-effects.


Health Benefits:

  • It is the best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots to save from brain hemorrhage and heart problems.
  • It’s flowers and leaves can treat all types of Cancers, Thalassemia and PCOS/PCOD.
  • Can be used for cooling effect – Treats all types of Hepatitis.
  • Strengthens liver and prevents/cures liver cancer.
  • Improves heart and mental ability.
  • Helpful in treatment of body pains.
  • Cures allergies.
  • Heals pimples and other dermatology problems.
  • Strengthens stomach.
  • It alleviates symptoms like vomiting, thirst and burning sensation, etc.
  • It increases the physical strength and weight of the week and underweight people.
  • Helpful in controlling weight for bulky persons.
  • Cures mouth & gum disorders.
  • Normalizes blood pressure disorders.
  • Treats asthma & breathing difficulty.
  • Helps recovering from smoking side-effects.
  • Hot infusion of Fagonia is given to prevent smallpox.
  • It increases urination and hence overhauls the kidneys and urination system.
  • It is applied over neck stiffness.
  • Being spermatogenic, improves sperm count in semen and helps normalizing the male and female reproductive systems.
  • Perfectly controls Leucorrhoea disorders in women.
  • As an antioxidant, helps reducing stress.

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