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Green Vitriol (Kasis Sabz)


Scientific Name: Green Vitriol

کسیس سبز



Green vitriol/Kasis Sabz (کسیس سبز, ہرا کسیس) is a mineral-based ayurvedic medicine, which contains ferrous sulfate. Due to iron content, it is helpful in the treatment of anemia and menstrual disorders.

Medicinal Properties:

Green vitriol has following healing properties.

  1. Hemotogenic.
  2. Digestive stimulant.
  3. Emmenagogue.
  4. Antispasmodic.

Therapeutic Indications:

Green vitriol is helpful in following health conditions.

  1. Iron deficiency anemia.
  2. Indigestion.
  3. Abdominal distension.
  4. Liver enlargement.
  5. Helminthiasis.
  6. Amenorrhea.
  7. Dysmenorrhea.
  8. Oligomenorrhea.
  9. Pruritus.
  10. Premature graying of hairs.

Caution & Side Effects:

However, Green vitriol is well tolerated in most people, but it may cause following side effects in some rare cases.

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Vertigo

Due to Emmenagogue effects of green vitriol, it is possibly unsafe in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


You should not use green vitriol in following cases.

  1. Allergy with ferrous sulfate
  2. Ulcer
  3. Ulcerative colitis
  4. Ulcerated colon
  5. Hemolytic Anemia

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