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Gum Rosin (Ganda Behroza)


Scientific Name: Gum Rosin

گندہ بہروزہ

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Gum rosin is produced by the removal of volatiles from the resin of various pine species; the distillate is turpentine and the residue gum rosin. Gum rosin is a soup of natural plant compounds. Health and Safety: Gum rosin is widely used across industry, including as a foodstuff; it has an E-number. There are health issues concerning allergic reaction, especially to dust and the volatile compounds released by heating. If gum rosin is being mixed with a volatile organic solvent then the safety of the solvent must also be considered and is likely to be the main health and hazard concern.

Gum rosin is a natural material produced using a range of distillation parameters. This means that although all gum rosins should have broadly similar properties and behaviours, different batches of gum rosin will differ in the specifics of their physical, and potentially chemical, properties.

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