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Indian Tree Turmeric (Rasoot India)


Scientific Name: Berberis Aristata

رسوت انڈیا

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What other names is Tree Turmeric known by?

Berberis aristata, Berberis chitria, Berberis coriaria, Bérbero Indio, Chitra, Darhahed, Darhald, Daruhaldi, Daruharidra, Darurajani, Darvi, Épine-Vinette Aristée, Hint Amberparisi, Indian Barberry, Indian Berberry, Indian Lycium, Indian Ophthalmic Barberry, Nepal Barberry, Nepalese Barberry, Ophthalmic Barberry.

What is Tree Turmeric?

Tree turmeric is a plant. The fruit, stems, leaves, wood, root, and root bark are used to make medicine.

People take tree turmeric for heart failure, liver disease, malaria, an eye infection called trachoma, skin diseases, heavy menstrual periods, swelling of the stomach and intestines (gastroenteritis), diarrhea, and yellowed skin (jaundice).

Tree turmeric is sometimes applied directly to the skin to treat burns and wounds.

Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for…

Heart failure.
An eye infection that can cause blindness (trachoma).
Liver disease.
Heavy menstrual periods.
Yellowed skin (jaundice).
Burns, when applied directly to the skin.
Other conditions.
More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of tree turmeric for these uses.

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