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Lodh Tree (Lodh Pathani)


Scientific Name: Symplocos Racemosa Roxb

لؤد پٹھانی

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Lodh tree/Lodh Pathani (لؤد پٹھانی, جوزا بکنی، لودھ، لودھرا، لڈوکا) also known as Symplocos Racemosa Roxb, is a medium sized tree found all over India. The leaves are 3-5 inch in length. The flowers grow in clusters, pale yellow in color. The fruits are purple in color with 2-3 seeds inside. The bark of the tree is thick with brown color.

Lodh is a very important Ayurvedic herb. It is mainly used in bleeding disorders, diarrhoea and eye disorders. It has anti inflammatory properties. It helps to detoxify the body and form the tissues. It is extensively used in female gynaecological disorders.

Health Benefits:

  1. Lodh is especially used to improve the women’s health.
  2. In diseases like Menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle), it is highly effective as it relaxes the uterine tissues and acts on the relaxed mucus membranes.
  3. Lodh has proved to be very useful in disease like leucorrhoea (white discharge).
  4. Lodh is even prescribed to the women’s after their delivery.
  5. Lodh helps to detoxify the blood.
  6. Lodh is indicated in eye disease, powder formation of its bark along with ghee is used in eyes.
  7. Lodh helps in maintain the shape of the body.
  8. It is clearly referred in Ayurvedic texts that Lodhra helps in making the body attractive and skin glow.
  9. Due to its absorption enhancing property it is used in clotting and in diseases like diarrhoea.
  10. Lodh is absorption enhancing, cooling and light which itself is a unique combination, which makes it very useful in reducing inflammation and heaviness in the body.
  11. Lodh is used in epistaxis, the people who have high pitta generally experiences nose bleeding, the absorbing quality of lodh helps in thickening of blood to stop haemorrhaging (bleeding).
  12. Lodh paste form is used to treat the skin diseases like leprosy.
  13. Combination of sugar, ghee and a paste of lodh leaves are used to treat cough.
  14. Powdered formation of the lodh bark is used to heal wounds. Lodh actually lowers the PH of the body; due to which inflammation process is fasten which gradually leads to increased wound healing process.

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