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Monarch Redstem (Krand)


Scientific Name: Ammannia Baccifera


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Monarch Redstem/Krand (کرنڈ) also known as Ammannia Baccifera is an erect, branched, smooth, slender, annual herb, found in open, damp, waste places.

The bitter herb is an appetizer, stomachic and is useful in treating biliousness bad digestion, stomach pains, constipation, and excessive flatulence (passing gas), the leaves are beneficial for removing phlegm from the lungs and trachea. According to Ayurveda, the herbal extract is a good remedy for tuberculosis and typhoid fever. The leaves are acrid and find application in folk medicine for the treatment of rheumatic pain, as laxative, rubefacient and external remedy for ringworm. This plant was found to possess hypothermic, hypertensive, anti urolithiasis, antibacterial and CNS depressant activities.


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