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Pansari Tulsi & Olive Infused Oil


روغن زیتون اور تلسی

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Tulsi also known as Basil or Holy Basil, this leafy herb belongs to the mint family and is available in different varieties. Throughout the world, this wonder herb has been used for centuries in various forms like dried powder, herbal tea, or oil. It is believed to be the royal oil that strengthens the mind and heart. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antidepressive. With so many beneficial qualities, it also helps in maintaining the health of the skin and hair.

Tulsi & Olive infused oils anti-inflammatory property makes it an excellent skin remedy for irritations, small wounds, and sores. It has a soothing and relaxing effect that helps while dealing with eczema. It contains vitamin C that boosts skin cells metabolism. It maintains the skin collagen, which is responsible for dermis layer and its elasticity.

1. Treats Skin Problems:

Suffering from dull skin? Tulsi & Olive infused oil can be applied topically or even massaged gently into the skin to deal with such problems. In fact, it also helps to treat symptoms of skin infections and acne.

2. Promote Hair Growth:

Tulsi & Olive infused oil is a natural stimulant that helps in increasing blood flow when applied topically. It is effective in promoting growth of hair when applied twice or thrice a week.

3. Eases Stress:

This refreshing oil helps in treating fatigue, nervous tension, depression and melancholy. Its calming properties help in uplifting your mood.

4. Heals Ringworm Infection:

If you are suffering from ringworms, apply a mixture of tulsi & olive infused oil mixed in lemon juice.

5. Relieves Itching:

Whenever, you are having that eww moment of scratching at odd times, apply some Tulsi & Olive infused oil to get instant relief from itching.

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