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Pansari’s Citrus & Jojoba Beard Oil


پنساری کا ھٹیرا اور جوجوبا داڑھی کا تیل



Apart from facial hygiene, your beard also needs special ingredients for it to grow and remain clean and healthy. Facial hygiene can keep your beard from looking lackluster and might help prevent ringworm and other fungal skin infections. Citrus & Jojoba Beard Oil helps keep your beard luxurious and full of health.

It help prepare the skin and provide the right conditions and environment for the beard to grow. It has all the right ingredients to stimulate growth of the beard- the oils work in the same manner as an after-shampoo conditioner works for hair and scalp-they go straight to the hair follicles and nourish the roots of the hair to smooth, nourish and stimulate growth of facial hair.

How To Use:

Take a few drops of beard oil and massage it gently over your beard.

If your beard is longer, use a comb to make sure the oil coats the beard completely and is evenly absorbed by your skin.



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