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Punarnava (Tukhm-e-Ispat)


Scientific Name: Boerhavia Diffusa

تخم اسپت

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Punarnava (Tukhme Ispat) literally means ‘bring back to life’ or ‘renewer’. It is a creeper that grows wild in India and Brazil throughout year but dries during the summer. It bears small fleshy leaves, small reddish pink flowers and fruits in winter. It is bitter in taste and has cooling effect. It has very high medicinal value.

Similar to its name it rejuvenates the whole body i.e. with routine use of Punarnava a fellow become young again – full of vigor and vitality. Punarnava corrects the digestive system, alleviates fluid retention and very useful in managing heart diseases. Punarnava also benefits in anemia, hernia and respiratory distress. Punarnava can also be taken in liver problems and managing lipids and cholesterol in healthy limits.

Therapeutic Uses:

  1. Herb is used as diuretic
  2. Expectorant
  3. Stomachic
  4. Prescribed in the treatment of jaundice
  5. Given in the loss of digestive power
  6. Enlargement of spleen
  7. Used for relieving abdominal pains

Punarnava has high nutritional content, which is why it has been identified for its health benefits and used widely since ancient times. In 100 g of Punarnava, you will find a total fat content of 1.61% of the daily recommended dosage. It has 162 mg of sodium and 2.26% of the daily recommended dosage of protein. It has 44.8 mg of Vitamin C in it, along with 142 mg of Calcium. It also has 0.012 mg of iron in it. These nutrients are extremely important for the healthy and efficient functioning of the body and can help prevent many diseases and infections., as well as cure many ailments.

Health Benefits Of Punarnava:

  1. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It works hard when the body is under attack and an unhealthy liver can lead to additional fatigue and stress during sickness. Punarnava is extremely good for the liver. It helps stimulate the secretion of bile on a regular basis, which is what keeps the liver healthy and functional.
  2. Urinary Tract Infections are extremely common in women, although they can happen to men as well. They cause a lot of discomfort, as well as a burning sensation while urinating. Punarnava has anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Together, these work as a fantastic cure for UTIs, clearing out the infection effectively in no time. The herb can also be used to cure UTIs during pregnancy as it does not have any adverse effects on the mother or baby.
  3. One of the widely known benefits of Punarnava is that it helps fight obesity. Most herbal slimming formulas in the market contain Punarnava in it because it is so effective. This herb helps by stimulating excretion and the removal of extra fluids from the body, without losing out on the potassium or electrolytes that are needed by the body. Therefore, it ends up promoting weight loss in the body. It is also a mild laxative.
  4. Punarnava is a diuretic, which means that it stimulates regular and plenty of urination. This helps keep the body clean. Furthermore, regular urination also clears out the calcium accumulated in the kidneys, thus preventing kidney stones from occurring.
  5. Diabetes can be extremely dangerous if not controlled properly. Punarnava is a herb that can help you control your diabetes. This is because its leaf (and the extracts from the leaves) control the glucose levels present in the body, which is extremely beneficial for diabetics. It also helps increase the plasma insulin levels, which is also good for them.
  6. Punarnava can help you prevent congestive heart failure. This is because it reduces the workload that’s put on the heart by inducing edemas. For it to be as beneficial as possible, it should ideally be mixed with Arjuna Bark powder, or any other herbal remedy for heart failure for maximum results.
  7. Impotence can be a huge problem. Punarnava seeds are extremely beneficial to those who are suffering from impotence. It can help revive the entire male reproductive organ, and can also induce a lot of vitality and vigor, and it also increases your libido. Moreover, it can improve the overall quality of the semen that is produced. It is also a good home remedy for erectile dysfunction.
  8. Punarnava is a great herb if you are suffering from stomach disorders. This is because it strengthens the stomach muscles. It can also kill and get rid of intestinal worms, which is an important function as worms can be quite harmful in your body and lead to starvation and death. It also helps prevent intestinal colic.


1 teaspoon daily with water.


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