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Qarshi Arq-e-Gulab


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For beautiful, glowing skin. Also effective for irritation, redness and inflammation of eye. Mild laxative for infants.

Arq-e-Gulab keeps the face fresh with the bloom of youthfulness. It cures almost all the diseases of the eyes such as burning sensation, prickling pain conjunctivitis and soreness of the eyes and discharge of water from the eyes. For the elegance of the face and to cure pimples dark spots and dryness, the use of Arq-e-Gulab Khalis mixed with the lemon juice and glycerin is very effective. Arq-e-Gulab has also laxative properties. It is given to the new born babies to wash their stomach. It is also effective as mild cardiac and nervine tonic.

  • For beautiful, glowing skin
  • A natural product
  • Keeps the face fresh
  • Cure pimples dark spots and dryness
  • 100% natural

Indications: Eye Inflammation, Eye Irritation, Mild Constipation (infants), Redness of Eye.


Children up to one year: 5 ml (one teaspoonful) twice a day.
Children above one year: 10 ml (two teaspoonfuls) thrice a day.
Adults: 10 ml (two teaspoonfuls) thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Directions for Use: For beautiful and glowing skin : Gently rub a few drops on the face. For eye’s problems: Put 3 to 4 drops into eyes thrice a day.

Manufactured By: Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

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Storage Instruction: Store in a cool dry place.

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