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Qarshi Supari Pak 70 Grams


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A well known herbal remedy for gynecological diseases like leucorrhoea, general weakness, facial paleness, blood deficiency and muscular and nervin weakness.

  • Treats gynecological diseases like leucorrhoea, general weakness
  • Treats blood deficiency and muscular and nervin weakness
  • Herbal Remedy
  • A natural product

Supari Pak is an old formula which has successfully been used as an effective remedy of the diseases peculiar to women. Supari Pak is a unique medicine for the treatment of leucorrhoea. It remedies the general physical weakness, facial paleness and anaemea. It is a nervine tonic. It remedies back-ache, pain in shins, anxiety and uneasiness. It also relieves bodily fatigue. Supari Pak can also be used by men for the treatment of spermatorrhoea (involuntary discharge of semen).

Side Effects: No side effects reported.

Indications: Blood Deficiency, General Weakness, Leucorrhoea, Muscular Weakness, Nervous Weakness, Paleness.

Dosage: 10 grams (two teaspoonfuls) with milk in the morning and in the evening or as directed by the physician.

Manufactured By: Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight:
2.46 OZ (70 Grams)

Storage Instruction: Store in a cool dry place.

Package: Jar


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