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Senna Leaves (Barg-e-Sana)


Scientific Name: Cassia Angustifolia

برگ سنا

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Senna (السَّنا / سنا مکی) Burg-e-Sana, Sana Makki, Cassia Angustifolia is a herb is known for its laxative properties. It is also known as wild senna, cassia marilandica and locust plant. Senna (Cassia) interacts with the bacteria in the digestive tract, resulting in intestinal contractions. These contractions are caused by the anthraquinone that is contained in senna.

Tirmizi and Ibn Majah narrated that the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam asked Asma Bint Umais Radi Allaho Anha,


“بماذا كُنتِ تَسْتَمْشِينَ” ؟ قالت: بالشُّبْرُم، قال: “حَارٌ جَارٌ”. قالت: ثم استمشيْتُ بالسَّنا، فقال: “لو كان شىءٌ يَشْفِى من الموتِ لكانَ السَّنا”

“How do you deal with constipation? She said, by using Shubrum (Euphorbia). Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam said, it is hot and a strong laxative, she then said, in addition I use Senna and the Prophet replied, if there is a cure that prevents death, it would be Senna “.

[Tirmizi, Ibn Majah]


Senna is a yellow-flowered plant typically grows in India and China. The leaves of the senna plant are used in medicines and herbal supplements to treat constipation.

Senna is used for treating constipation. The leaf causes the walls of your large intestine to contract, which will push stools through your system. Senna leaf is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. While this has general health benefits, it also makes senna useful in relieving some symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.



Senna is considered generally safe, but some precautions are necessary if you are using this powerful herb. If you suffer from a colon disorder or heart disease, consult with a doctor before taking senna.

Senna leaf can also cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting or an upset stomach and can have an adverse effect on certain medications, including diuretics, blood thinners and digoxin.

If you are taking any of these medications, speak with your doctor before taking senna leaf in any form.

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