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Tayyebi Arq Obesol


طیبی عرق اوبیسول

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100% Natural Weight Loss Medicine

Made from the distillates of fat burning herbs, Arq Obesol is a safe and effective herbal medicine for losing weight and toning up your body. It is free from any artificial coloring and chemicals and is the pure and natural way to get in shape without harming the body.

Arq Obesol has Ajwain, Zeera, Podina and Mako which have proven carminative properties and strengthen the stomach and liver. Arq Obesol helps burn excessive fat, aids in digestion, improves liver function, regulates bowel movement and reduces intestinal swelling. It eliminates lethargy and energizes the body so you can lead a healthy active lifestyle.


1/4 Cup (40ml) twice a day.



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