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White Lupin (Tarmas)


Scientific Name: Lupinus Albus LinnLupinus Albus Linn


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Lupinus albus, commonly known as the White Lupin or Field Lupine/Tarmas (ترمس), is a member of the genus Lupinus in the family Fabaceae. It is a traditional pulse cultivated in the Mediterranean region.

There are both bitter and sweet forms of Lupins. Sweet kinds of Lupins are found in North America while bitter varieties are seen in Mediterranean regions. The taste of the plants depends on the alkaloids contained in them.

Overall, white lupin is quite the nutritious bean, boasting a generous nutritional profile. Regular consumption is believed to have great health benefits, especially in the case of celiac and cardiovascular disease sufferers.

Health Benefits:

  1. Great cholesterol lowering properties.
  2. Beneficial effect on blood vessel health.
  3. Improves intestinal motility and relieves constipation.
  4. Boost immunity.
  5. Promotes bone health.
  6. Offers muscle and nerve support.
  7. Excellent protein content.
  8. Supports carbohydrates synthesis.
  9. Prevents free radical cell damage.

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