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Wild Egg Plant (Bhat Katiya)


Scientific Name: Solanum Surrattense Burn

بھٹ کٹیا

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Wild Eggplant/Bhat Katiya (بھٹ کٹیہ, کٹائی خرد، بھٹ کٹائی، مہوکڑی، کٹیل) also known as Yellow-berried Nightshade, Febrifuge plant and Solanum Surrattense Burn, is a perennial herb with lots of spikes, small spikelets, and small pricks. Fruit is globose and ovate. Fruits turn yellow when they ripe. Flowers are bluish-purple.1It is a very prick and diffuse herb. Leaves are pinnatifid and ovate-elliptic.

Leaves are used against chronic fever and are also used against scabies, whole plant is used for skin infections, and paste of the plant is orally used for chest congestion.Whole plant is also used against the prolonged period of menses.

The dried fruit powder is used as an internal medicine and the oil extracted is used for external application in the treatment of leucoderma. Useful in cough, asthma, chronic rhinitis,, dropsy, acute bronchitis and fever accompanied with chest affections.

The juice of berries is used in sore-throat. Like roots, seeds are also administered as an expectorant in asthma and cough. The plant is credited with diuretic properties and is used to cure dropsy.


Wild Eggplant should not be taken during pregnancy.


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